Vin Verifications

Some of the vehicles we sell were purchased in another state. Before we can register them here in CA, the buyer will have to do what is called a "Vin Verification" at the local DMV, or AAA. Basically, the DMV or AAA will be checking to make sure that the VIN number on your paperwork matches the VIN number on the car. They will give you a certificate, and that certificate needs to be mailed back to us ASAP so we can complete the registration. There is no cost to do this at the DMV, you dont even need an appointment, you just show up. AAA may have a small fee that varies office to office. 

When you go to the DMV simply look for the line that says "verifications", usually next to the drive test line. Just wait there and someone will come out to help you. You dont even need to go onside (may vary from office to office, but most are this way). Sometimes the person at the DMV is new/unexperienced and will tell you that they cannot do it for whatever reason. This is wrong, it is the DMV's job to do this, AND the paperwork you already have (your purchase docs) are sufficient for what they need. We have had hundreds of them done, just ask for someone else/the supervisor if you run into any issues. The only time they may have an issue is if they cannot read the VIN, they will send you to the CHP, where the process is the same, and also free of charge. 

Just look for something like this: 

When completed, they will hand you a form that looks like this. MAIL US THE ORIGINAL and DO NOT EDIT the form in any way. 

Mail this completed form to: 

Starfire Auto 
29753 Bouquet Cyn Rd
Santa Clarita, CA 91390


If you have any questions, text us at 661-463-3663 anytime! Thanks again