A Unique Approach to Auto Repair Too!


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When we started our car dealership 12 years ago, we tried to change the way used car sales are done. From having fixed prices, to being by appointment only, and generally being a no-nonsense establishment, we did our best to be a paradigm shift in used car sales. Now we are doing that same thing for auto repairs and service! Starfire Auto Repair is here to deliver what most local shops cannot. We save you SIGNIFICANT amounts of money by sourcing the best quality parts online and passing the savings onto you. We can do most expensive repairs for a fraction of typical costs. Our 12 years of auto sales and reconditioning experience has led us to master the ability of keeping older cars in good running order for less cost. We cannot save you money on oil changes or tire rotations, but when it comes to heavier/significant items, we should be able to beat almost any estimate!

No coupons, no gimmicks, just straight forward pricing!

This price matrix is valid for MOST 1996-2014 typical cars, small trucks, vans, and SUVs. 
These are the most typical repairs we do all the time!

Inspection and recommendations $40
Tires. Prices vary, email us! We have CHEAP NEW TIRES! $Email
Tune up (4 cyl) Plugs, wires, belts, air filter $150-200
New Axles (pair) $230-300
 Front Struts (whole assembly, pair) $300-400
Front OR Rear brakes w/ NEW rotors and CERAMIC pads $220-280
Front suspension (control arms, sway bar links, ball joints) $80-250
Repaint ENTIRE CAR (sedans/coupes only) $850-1050
Replace Valve Cover Gasket - 4 Cylinders $100-150
Replace Valve Cover Gasket - 6 Cylinders $200-280
AC Recharge $50
AC Compressor or Condensor replacement $350-500
Airbag or ABS Light Diagnostic (code read/clear) $10
Power window or door motor/regulator replacement $100-250
More? Email us what you need/quote we will beat it! $Email




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