Why cant I ask for a video or more pictures?

The answer is simple. We just dont have the time. We take at least 20 pictures of every car. We have on average 250-270 cars for sale. This means there are about 5300 pictures that we have uploaded at any given moment for the cars that are for sale. We strongly feel that if something was note worthy, it has been depicted. We try to show all the flaws and highlight the main issues so that you can make an informed decision. 

We do NOT wash the engine bays. We believe that introducing water to the engine bay is just asking for trouble. So all of our engine bays look normal, dusty, grimey and typical for the age and miles. If an engine bay has anything note worthy, like a modification or is super oddly clean, THEN we take an engine picture and post it along with all the rest of the pictures. 

Regarding video...all of our vehicles are parked in storage until an appointment is made. We dont have the man power/resources to pull the vehicle out from storage and make a video for someone who MAY buy the car. Now if you are an out of state buyer, and have completed the process of paying for the document fee and want to see some additional pictures after paying for the doc fee (and thus being invested in the purchase), THEN we can make accomodations. 

This process keeps our prices low and overhead small. Thank you for understanding!

Below is a picture of a VERY typical engine bay from any one of our cars.