Want to know the OTD?



The latest trend in used car pricing is to display a price on the classifiied websites, and then when you try to buy the car in person, you're met with extra crazy fees and add ons that you "must buy". That is down right illegal AND WE DO NOT DO THAT. All of our pricing is up front and honest. This means, there is no extra alarm system, paint protection, or any other accessories that you have to buy in order to drive away with the car. Here is a break down of how our OTD figures are calculated. All the fees shown are regulated by the State of California, and we strictly abide by all laws...as all legitimate dealers should! 

We state in each description, to add roughly 15% to the price. This will get you to the OTD total within a few dollars 90% of the time. It is not exact, but its pretty close almost every time. It can vary because of the price of the car, along these lines: 

OTD Approximations
Price Range Add to price Approx OTD Figures
$1000-2700 17-20% $2490 car = $~2988 OTD
$2700-5000 ~15% $3990 car = $~4588 OTD
$5000-20000 ~13-15% $6990 car = $~7900 OTD
$20000+ ~12% $19990 car = $~22400 OTD

OTD Breakdown
Price of the car Varies Varies
Sales tax 7.25-10.25+% City Regulated - Varies
Document fee $85 State Regulated - Fixed
Smog Fee $58 ($0 for electric cars) State Regulated - Fixed
Electronic Reg $30 State Regulated - Fixed
DMV Reg Renewal $0 if current or $160-300+ if due State Regulated - Varies
DMV Transfer Fee $15 State Regulated - Fixed
TOTAL DLR FEES $173 (Sum of all the above) Same/uniform for all honest dealers

It seems like a lot, but it isnt. Its basically $173 + taxes and registration renewal if needed + the price. 

If you want us to calculate the EXACT OTD down to the dollar, you would need to make an appointment to show us that you are serious about actually coming to see the car. Fill out the appointment form, read the disclosures, and you can request the OTD at that time via text or email. But again, the percentages above will get you really close to the figures!