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We make every attempt to tell you everything we know in the description of the car. You cannot imagine how many people do not read 90% of the info we put for EACH CAR. We are happy to answer detailed questions, but **please** do not email us asking "how do I make an appt" or "is the price negotiable" or "where are you located". All of these questions are answered MULTIPLE TIMES on this website. Please read, learn, and do your homework. This is also why we dont make it easy to call us..there is no point. All the info is online. Would you call Amazon to place an order? 

We are not the place for everyone to shop.

We are looking for intelligent buyers...

If you still have further questions the fastest answers
will be via text at 661-463-3663 or you can email below and we will reply 100% of the time, with 24 hours (check your spam)