Certified Checks

Depending on your selections, scenario, or certain other aspects, we will need you to come with a certified check to keep your appointment. Why? Many reasons. As mentioned a few times throughout our page, we are certainly not the place for everyone. We are looking for buyers who are not browsing, but basically buying a car TODAY. A buyer that has already shopped the market, and is ready to make a decision at the appointment time. Keep in mind, this is all at zero obligation. If you dont like the car(s), you simply deposit your check right back into your bank, same as cash. But due to recent money laundering laws, limited staff on our end, and our desire to basically connect with people who are ready to buy, this is what we have to do. We understand this may not work for everyone, but there is a method to the madness, we promise. 

What is a certifed check? Its a check you get from the teller at the bank. You can also get a money order from the post office or Walmart. 

Here are some typical scenarios that will require a certified check:

1) You are seeing a car that is over $3500 out the door. Believe it or not, the banks are VERY critical when we deposit large amounts of cash due to recent changes for anti money laundering. So basically...banking laws are to blame and we have to abide by them 

2) You want to see more than 2 cars. You will need a certified check for the least expensive base price. So if you want to see a $3990 and a $4490 car, you would need to come with a check for $3990 (plus minimal cash for the taxes, or the more expensive car). One benefit in exchange, is that if you let us know what you are looking for, we will select a 3rd (or 4th) car. So its a "you pick 2, we pick 2". This route is for those who are not really sure what to buy, and need some guidance on some selections that you would perhaps not have thought of online. 

3) You want to see 2 wildly different cars. For example, if you want to see a pick up truck and a sedan. This makes no sense to us, but sure, we will show you them....you'd bring a certified check for the cheapest one, like the scenario in #2 above.

Again, this will totally turn away some people who think we are crazy. We really are trying out best to be as efficient as possible. We dont want you walking around with $7000 in cash, and our bank doesnt want us to deposit that much cash. Thank you for understanding.

Common Questions
What if I dont buy the car? You simply deposit the check right back into your bank.
This is a lot of work for me. Why are you making me do work? It takes us 2+ hours to get a car ready to show. We are asking you to come fully prepared, and to show a strong level of commitment. That is the entire purpose. No tire kicker would do this process, its literally our filtration process to bring BUYERS 
I was going to pay all cash or Zelle Nope. See the above. We are intentionally doing this to filter out those who we feel are not really buyers.